4604 Multipurpose Home & Garden Water Spray Bottle for Cleaning Pack


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Multipurpose Home & Garden Water Spray Bottle for Cleaning Pack

Spray Bottle is a multipurpose manual liquid sprayer. It can be used as water spray bottle for plants/water spray bottle for Gardening/Water spray bottle for Hair/Water spray bottle for garden/Ironing spray bottles/Hair Sprayer/Hand sprayer/plant spray bottle/Garden Spray Bottle/Mist Spray. Overall it this spray bottle could prove to be a very useful tool for your home.

Features : 

  • Suitable for sanitation, garden and plant care, household sprays for ironing, moisturizing hair spray, floor or carpet cleaner, vinegar and water mixture for cleaning windows, moisturizing face cosmetics, vegetable washing, bathroom cleaning and homemade recipes for skin and beauty.
  • Empty bottle perfect for cleaning solutions, essential oils , hair care products, garden and plant care, ironing.
  • Powerful: This sprayer head is made of high quality plastic with a Very long range jet spray.
  • Ideal for Hand Sanitizer, Spray and disinfecting of Parcels, Ironing, detergents, car care, pet care, disinfecting, gardening, oven cleaning and much more.

Physical Dimension :

Weight ( gm) :- 450

Length (cm) :- 10

Breadth (cm) :- 9

Height (cm) :- 25


Additional information

Weight 450 g


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