2335 Stainless Steel Manual Mixi, Hand Blender


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Stainless Steel Manual Mixi. Hand Blender 

Beating Mixing and Liquidizing gets fun with Semi Automatic Hand Blender, Just press top down to get going, with durable material and stainless steel blade makes it ideal to use for years


  • Stylish Design Makes Handy And Comfortable To Use And Maintain. 
  • Functionally Easy. Completely Rust Proof. 
  • Blades Are Made From Stainless Steel Wire. Gear Are Made From Dearline Material. 
  • Manual Wash. 


  • Can be used for Churning: Milk shake, Lassi, Butter milk etc 
  • Can be used for liquidizing Tomato Soup, Dal etc. * You will love to buy other after buying one piece. 

Physical Dimension

Weight (Gm) :- 407

Length (Cm) :- 31

Breadth (Cm) :- 8

Height (Cm) :- 8


Additional information

Weight 407 g


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