2291 Dish Drainer Rack 2 Layer Drying Rack with Water Removing Tray Sink (Multicolour)


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Dish Drainer Rack 2 Layer Drying Rack with Water Removing Tray Sink (Multicolour)

Elegant Design and space saving. Dish rack holds your dishes, bowls, cups and cutlery for drying and is an absolute necessity for every kitchen. It keeps your limited kitchen countertop and platforms organized, clean and mess-free. It has space for drying bowls, cups, glasses and separate sections for dishes, plates, and kitchen cutlery. A drip tray comes with the dish rack for collecting excess water for draining.

Features :

Dish Drainer Rack:

Made from durable plastic, the model is equipped with a drainer tray in the bottom to drain out excess water from the utensils. With the vibrant color, it is sure to be a cute eye candy in your cooking space!. 

Sturdy Material: 

The entire set is made of strong, durable quality of plastic that makes the product long lasting. The ergonomic design also makes it easy to clean and store. 

Crockery Holder: 

A special crockery holder comes along with the dish rack, which can hold cooking spatulas, spoons, forks, knives, glasses and other crockery items. They are also perforated at the bottom to get rid of excess water from the utensils. 

Corrugated Design

Both the trays carry a corrugated design for enabling storage of dishes and plates with a snug fit. You can easily store small, medium and large plates through the ridges. 

Draining Tray: 

A draining tray is thoughtfully placed below the bottom rack to easily drain off the excess water from the utensils. The water drops on the bottom rack through the small rectangular pores on the flat trays. 

Storage Racks: 

The product features two storage racks- one small and one large. Both of them have the capacity to store utensils in their flat surface. 

Round Ended Stands: 

The dish rack is equipped with four round ended stands on each of the corners that help to get the product a firm grip of the surface that it is placed on. The round edges are not sharp and hence do not accidentally hurt you.

Physical Dimension

Weight (Gm) :- 5015

Length (Cm) :- 34

Breadth (Cm) :- 46

Height (Cm) :- 16


Additional information

Weight 5015 g


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