2157 Stainless Steel Electronic Gas Lighter for lighting Gas Stove


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Stainless Steel Electronic Gas Lighter for lighting Gas Stove

Gas lighters are necessary equipment for every household for fast lightning of gas ovens. This gas lighter with plastic handle from the brand of  offers a great deal of protection and is especially useful for household kitchens. This gas lighter, which has been made for regular use, will last you a long time before needing a replacement.

Product Features :


The appropriate length of the gas lighter and the distance of the handle from the tip makes this product convenient to use. The length makes it useful for domestic kitchens.


This gas lighter is safe to use since it creates a safe distance between the gas and the lighter. The stainless steel material is also resistant to fire, which results in less chances of fire accidents.


The handle gives an easy grip and increases the convenience of using the gas lighter. The sides of the handle adjust well to the shape of your fingers for ease of use. The plastic coating makes it shock resistant.


The stainless steel material makes it resistant to rust and corrosion which improves the durability of the product. The stainless steel also reduces the chances of any fire accident.


This gas lighter is ideal for domestic use since it protects you from fire and reduces the chances of injuries. Opt for this gas lighter to ensure complete safety at home.

Product Warranty:  6 months


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