1545 Heavy Duty Bolt Cutter


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Heavy Duty Bolt Cutter

The powerful Bolt Cutter is ideal to cut small chains, wire, mesh, threaded rod, bolts, and more. Great for shop, home, and farm. Combining both compound hinge and drop forged hardened alloy steel jaws deliver superior cutting power. Comes with premium two-tone grips. Bolt Cutter is performing electrical repair and other mechanical jobs that are working with wires. These pliers cut and strip wire quickly. Those handles are fitted with high quality plastic sleeves that offer insulation to let you work with live wires for electrical repair jobs. These sleeves are very comfortable to grip.

Product features 

  • Corrosion Free Everlasting Blades
  • Easily cuts the toughest bolts, chains, padlocks, threaded rods, wires and many other metal products.
  • Multi Purpose Heavy Duty Equipment
  • More Powerless Effort
  • Ergonomic Design Handle


Additional information

Weight 320 g


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