1291 Single Sided Bristle Plastic Toilet Cleaning Brush


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Single Side Bristle Plastic Toilet Cleaning Brush

To keep your home clean, you require an assortment of cleaning items. we offers a large variety of dusting and cleaning products for providing you with easy and convenient cleaning options. The cleaning tools from this brand are ergonomically designed for comfortable use. Maintain the hygiene of your toilet by using this brush every day. The brush is a thoughtfully designed product that comes with durable body with angular brush head that effectively cleans toilets.It’s body helps to create enough rigidity combined with strong bristles removes off any type of dirt easily. It also has extra-long handle to help you clean your toilets conveniently.

Product Highlights : 

Plastic Construction
The plastic construction of this single-sided bristle toilet brush makes it a sturdy and durable addition to your bathroom cleaning accessories.

Ergonomic Design
This brush has a compact design that gives it a decent look. The brush also comes with an ergonomic design and a comfortable handle for easy cleaning. It is also easy to store.

Provides Easy Reach
The long handle of this toilet cleaning brush allows it an easy-reach to clean all possible corners. Maintain the hygiene of your toilet by using this brush every day.


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