1244 Stainless Steel Resettable Combination Padlock


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Stainless Steel Resettable Combination Padlock  

A durable solid lock for your locking needs such as luggage and small doors. A solid body gives it extra strength and durability. Padlock is rust-resistant, ensuring smooth operation indoors and outdoors for many years. The shackle engages at ends, providing better security for all your valuables. Shackle has a convenient self-lock mechanism when pressed.It is difficult to cut due to the use of stainless steel shackle with high hardness. Corrosion-resistant materials such used for the interior parts of the lock. The high precision of the key makes it difficult to arbitrarily unlock. Extremely low defect rate due to systematic management

Product Features :


Locking shackle for maximum security against all forms of violation. Its hardened material protects against cutting and sawing


These locks are constructed with a non-corrosive solid body and hardened steel.


Solid stainless steal body and steel shackles give the lock extra strength and toughness. Big enough to be used on luggage as well as doors


The material used is specially toughened to resist the strongest of attacks 


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