1203 Big Mouse/Mice Trap Glue Pad


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Big Mouse Trap Glue Pad

Mouse Glue Traps insects glue traps and etc, they play an important part in controlling the “SARS” without chemical medicine and power, the product is safe, healthy, innocuous, environment protection, very ideal in wiping out the insects, there will be no chance to escape once the pest touched the trap.

Make Used of Ground

Bed sitter kitchen storage ceiling and the place

Where the mouse often appeared


90 Grams/Piece


21cm x 15cm x 1cm


Natural glue made of rubber


3 years

Manufacturing Date

Show in the package bag


Dont pull the trap where the children and pet are easy to touch 

Once the touched clean out the glue with alcohol and benzine jelly


Unpack the glue, put then place the mouse often appear, if put some foods in the middle , the effect will be the best, throw away the trapped mouse, the trap can be re use



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Weight 88 g


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