1006 Effete Choco Coated Cranberry – 96 gms


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Effete Choco Coated Cranberry – 96 gms

Made with dipping dried up cranberries in smooth rich chocolate, these Choco Cranberries are one of the most loved candies by both kids and adults. The soft candies have a smooth chewy texture to ease up the chewing for teething kids and the elderly so that everyone can enjoy them. Making an amazing birthday, anniversary or graduation gift, these cranberry candies works wonder as one of the party desserts as well. 

Panned Confectionery

Ingredients: Choco(Sugar, Hydrogenated Vegetable Fat, Milk solids, Emulsifier(INS 322, INS 476)), Cranberry, Stabiliser (INS 414), Liquid Glucose, Preservative (INS 202), Acidity Regulator (INS 330), Glazing Agent(INS 904)

Contains Added Flavour (Artificial (Vanillin) Flavoring Substances)

Storage Condition: Store in a Cool, Hygienic and Dry place, away from direct sunlight

Nutritional Information (Per 100 g): 

Energy Kcal  – 461.8

Fat g – 16.4

Saturated Fat g- 8.1

Trans Fat g – 0

Carbohydrate g – 74.76

(Of Which Sugars) – 17.3

Protein – 3.8

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