0834 Wooden Toothpicks with Dispenser Box


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Wooden Toothpicks with Dispenser Box

These Wooden Toothpicks are produced using High Quality wood. They are durable and handy enough to assist in various tasks. These small but functional tools are provided in practically designed containers for convenience of usage.

The toothpicks are made of High Quality wood. They have light colour, smooth surface and high tensile strength. They possess a tight grain structure that prevent them from breaking easily. The toothpicks have an excellent and ergonomic design. They have the optimal length and long taper to get rid of food particles stuck in between the teeth.

Product Features :

  • These Wooden Toothpicks are produced using high quality wood
  • It’s safe to use with food and drink. Perfect for serving appetizers.
  • Excellent & longer taper for better cleaning of food particles, which are left stuck in between the teeth
  • It’s designed as one time use disposable toothpick.
  • Eco-friendly & biodegradable, can be thrown out with food waste


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