0749_Wet & Dry Floor Cleaning Plastic Broom


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Wet & Dry Floor Cleaning Plastic Broom

Wet & Dry Floor Cleaning Plastic Broom provides efficient cleaning solutions for a quicker, easier, more adaptive and multifaceted cleaning experience. 

Our uniqueness lies in the fact that we create cleaning products that are more advanced than their usual counterparts. 

Keeps Your Toilet Neat and Hygienic

Wet & Dry Floor Cleaning Plastic Broom comes with a strong handle which ensures resistance against strenuous cleaning. It makes sure that the hard-to-reach corners are scrubbed well with the nylon bristles which will leave your toilet sparkling clean. The bristles are also flexible and durable.


Type: Broom

Brush Material: Plastic

Handle Material: Plastic


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Weight 315 g


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