0330 Folding Stainless Steel Baby Cradle with Carry Bag


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Baby Toddler Portable Folding Swing Cradle

Completely Safe Indian Ghodiyu Baby Cradle

You Can Easily Carry It Anywhere And Set It Up Outdoors As It’S Foldable. It Doesn’T Take Too Much Space So You Can Put It In Your Car And Even Take It With You On Your Next Flight. The Design Will Work Well For A Baby Girl and Boy, Weight Capacity: Up To 20 Kg (45 Lbs) & Height Limit: Up To 78 Cm (30 Inch) Indian Swing Set, Indian Swing For Baby, Baby Hammock Spring, Swinging Baby Cradle, Ideal Baby Outdoor Swing And Newborn Baby Swing

Great Baby Girl and Boy Cradle And Also Works For Premature Babies

It Will Help To Avoid Flat Head Syndrome, Improve Digestion, Avoid Colic, Quick Sleep Initiation And Prevent Sid. Will Work Well As Indian Cradle Portable Hammock, Baby Swings, Baby Hammock Bed, Swing Hammock And Newborn Swing, Travel Baby Swing, Classical Outdoor Baby Swings And Works As Indoor Baby Swing.

1pc High Quality Ghodiyu Made Of Stainless Steel 

Take It With You On Family Trips, Picnics And When You Visit Your Friends, The Baby Will Feel Right At Home In Their Baby Hammock Cradle, Baby Cradles.


  • Can be lifted with one hand and easily passes through doors.
  • Vacuums under the legs avoid slipping of cradle while swinging
  • Requires a small place to store when not in use.
  • Easy to carry as hand luggage when traveling by flight and accommodates in car boot or under the rear seat.
  • Takes half a minute to assemble or dismantle the unit
  • Smooth swinging to keep your arms always at ease

Weight Capacity: Up To 20 Kg (45 Lbs)

Height Limit: Up To 78 Cm (30 Inch) Indian Swing Set,


  • Easy To Carry And Foladable,You Can Take in Your Car, Bike For Trips,You Can Also Carry In Flights.
  • Easy To Assemble/Disassemble (Can Be Assemble/Disassemble In 5 Minutes). Completely Folds into a carry bag of 2 feet. Carry Along With You Where Ever You Go In Your Car Trunk. Also Can Be Carried Along With You On Airplanes.
  • Life Time Durable Stainless Steel Pipe Structure With Anti Sleep Rubber Pads.
  • Helps Premature Babies, Better Digestion, Proper Back Rest, Fast Sleep Initiation, Prevent SIDS,Avoid Colicks & Avoid Flat Head Syndrome


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